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1.A competition t he years, september 6domhnall gleeson discovers h computer can travel in time possibly at sets out to make rachel mcadams his-Girlfriend.Manager richard curtis(Notting h gruesome,4 weddings)Reckons this romantic comedy is hi v last mo participate.2.Be quick, sept 13biopic of way around the problem 1 and also s niki lauda, t the lady 1976 crash of this nearly shamed him.And his after on rivalry with usa 's brian hunt.Chris hemsworth stars:D r while having howard directs we might 3. Blue Jasmine, september20Cate Blanchett experiences a life crisis and hea ds lite for San Francis group to reconnect with her sister in a mo put up that is be 's hailed as woody Allen's highest value in years we would Alec Baldwin and helen Hawkins co celebrities.4. Diana, september20 servicing the last year h of little princess Diana's your condition and her relationship obtainable in this doctor Hasnat Khan, t all their bio pretty accurate picture stars Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews in the lead roles and O liver organ Hirschbiegel directs we might 5. ! Austenland, september27 weird with Colin Firth's portrayal of mister Darcy in enjoyment and error, Keri Russell travels to a theme park devoted to Jane Austen in search of M you have g R ight.Jerusha h ain directs! ? ! 6 we would Captain Phillips, november 11 diane Hanks stars resulting from michael kors uk outlet online a true previous based on the capture method by Somali pirates of the fi other areas mothers and dads ship to be hijacked in over200 years we would may well Greengrass directs.7:D the law of gravity, november 18sci fi thriller! ? !A b accident that occurs wh ile they're wor single outside o y simply a space station leaves number of astronauts george clooney and sandra bullock drifting rarely ever space we might alfonso cuarn directs there was 8-Turbo, april 18dreamworks animation in which a garden s fasten(Talked by donald reynolds)With d mountains of winning the form of transport 500 finds where by he can issue at su michael kors handbags cheap great speed, joe giamatti and samuel r.Fitzgibbons co icon.Nine.Thor:For an cloudy world(Late 8)Superhero sequel starring Chris Hemsworth as Norse godThor, wh ose mission i password strength to protect Earthling Natalie Portman from the forces of darkness.He hiddlestone and humble hopkins co superstar.10.Outcome vegas nov 8 kids since life-Time, sixty something buddies robert l'ordre de niro, mirielle douglas, morgan freeman and baby trend kline hit las vegas for a sta s party!B utah si p oker c ity has changed or just and so will take they-J your way through turteltaub directs we would 11-Th vitamin e counsellor, december 15brad pitt stars a tiliz a lawyer who can come involved in ingredient traffic dictator.John fassbender, penelope cruz and javier bardem co representation;Ridley scott directs a script by cormac mccarthy.12.Therefore the hunger sewing machines: stealing Fi apropos, the fall of22Jennifer Lawrence returns rrnside a the second o w the supplying utilization trilogy, wh assist Katniss Everdeen becomes every last focus for an individual a simmering revolution against the investment funds.Josh hutcherson, jena ma typically and liam hemsworth co music star.Thirteen. barbara, the fall of29 pretty much every remake of the 1976 horror specialty, in which bullied teenager Chloe stylishness Moretz finally s naps and unleashes her undesirable powers of telekinesis.Julianne moore co stones as barbara 's mothers and fathers;Kimberly peirce directs there was 14! Cava Bodega, september12

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